Month: November 2018

Review of Brooklyn Chocolate Stout Beer

Winter is a time when many beer lovers tend to focus their attention on two styles of beers. These are stouts and porters. Brooklyn Brewing Company produces a reasonably priced stout for the winter months for stout lovers. I have been purchasing this beer for over five years now, as it is one of standards for the winter months when I’m looking for a reliable stout. I will admit though that this beer is actually […]

Cold Brew Versus Fresh Cup of Coffee

Cold Brew Versus Fresh Cup of Coffee A cup of coffee is the most refreshing beverage for most people. From drinking a cup first thing in the morning to enjoying coffee with friends, coffee is the center of most people’s lives. In the old days, there was only hot brewed coffee. But in recent years, there has emerged cold brewed coffee. These two types of coffee differ in various aspects, as you shall find out […]