Month: December 2018

How To Use Fabric Types To Limit Cost Of The Cellular Shades

If there were a single element that goes into the construction of the cellular window shades, then it has to be the fabric used as the blinds. Rod Pocket Roman Shades have two layers of cloth which get to hold the cellular combed structure sandwiched between them. Moreover, the cellular insulation material too would be mostly made of fabric also. So if there is going to be an active effort to keep the cost of […]

Choceur Deliciously Rich Dark Chocolate & Nuts

Usually, when my mother wakes me up, it isn’t to hand me a large bar of dark chocolate (my favorite by the way). But that is exactly what she did this morning when she woke me up and handed me a bar of Choceur Deliciously Rich Dark Chocolate Nuts. At the moment, I didn’t think much of it; she did say my father didn’t like it, and if my dad doesn’t like it, it must […]