Hi, my name is Rebecca. I love sweets and any food that is closer to satisfying that portion of my taste buds. I will always remember how a chocolate cake took me to another world when I was just a kid. I am amazed with how delicious delicacies like this is being made to make people happy. Sweet foods or desserts have been a big part of my career and personal growth as a person. Well that’s another story to tell perhaps in another blog.

Let us just concentrate on food here. You’ll find lots of recipes and information about food. I intend to share everything I know. This will also record my journey to finding and perfecting a delicacy that will represent my life as a daughter and as a food blogger.

Life is really not so tough when you are in love with sweets and if you are a foodie. Of course everything is to be taken with moderation. Gluttony and satisfaction are 2 different things I must say. Our health is always at risk with every food intake that we get to have everyday. We also have to burn those calories in order to eat more sweets. I’m still young but I don’t want to take advantage of that fact. I have to get myself ready when I get much older soon. Because I believe that our metabolism works slower when we get older.

This blog is not to invite you to love sweets the way I enjoy it. I would still advise taking it in balance, especially if you are into sugar intake control already. When these recipes start to make you also happy, you will understand what I try to talk about, most especially if you prepare these for your kids. But life is too short not to enjoy even little things that make you happy. Let’s just all be responsible for everything.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope I can be an instrument, in a way, to relieve you from stress.