Cold Brew Versus Fresh Cup of Coffee

Cold Brew Versus Fresh Cup of Coffee

A cup of coffee is the most refreshing beverage for most people. From drinking a cup first thing in the morning to enjoying coffee with friends, coffee is the center of most people’s lives.

In the old days, there was only hot brewed coffee. But in recent years, there has emerged cold brewed coffee. These two types of coffee differ in various aspects, as you shall find out in this article.

Hot coffee is brewed by adding hot water to ground coffee. The heat extracts the oils, caffeine, and sugars from the ground coffee. If you want information on various coffees, check out the Jiale website.

It only takes minutes to prepare a hot cup of coffee. As for the cold brew, water at room temperature is added to ground coffee and allowed time to brew slowly. This can take 12 hours or more. No heat is used in making cold brewed coffee.

Hot brewed coffee has a more vibrant aroma than cold brewed coffee. This is because coffee contains volatile aromatic oils. This means that they evaporate when hot, giving it a strong aroma.

Hot brewed coffee has more antioxidants than cold brew coffee.

Because cold brew coffee uses no heat, the aromatic oils remain in the coffee.

When you take a sip of cold brewed coffee, you feel the aromatic oils deep inside your mouth. This gives the cold brew coffee a deeper flavor than hot brewed.

Cold brewed coffee has lower levels of acidity and bitterness. This is because high temperatures used in hot brew coffee causes acids to dissolve into bitter compounds.

These acids cannot be extracted in low temperatures. Therefore, cold brew coffee is a good choice for people with sensitive stomaches, because of the low acidity. However, if you prefer the deep bitter taste in coffee and have no stomach issues, then a hot brewed cup is what you should go for.

Hot coffee is just that, a ready to drink cup of steaming hot coffee. Cold brew, on the other hand, is produced as a thick concentrate. This makes it very versatile, as it can be used to create different types of drinks.

Cold brew can even be used to make hot coffee by adding hot water to the concentrate.

Different drinks one can make from cold brew are iced coffee (mixing cold brew with cold water and ice), cold brew cocktail (mixing it with spirit and sugar), cold brew soda (mixing with ice and soda water), and the list goes on.

Studies have shown that both hot brew and cold brew caffeine contents are almost equal. Cold brew requires a lot of planning, because of the time involved.

However, it is much less work than the hot brew, because you add water, go on with your businesses, then come back after several hours to decant.

The hot brew is great if you want something quick, but it is a little more work than the cold brew. Both coffees are great, and it all depends on a person’s preference, in terms of taste and aroma. The choice also depends on how much time a person has to prepare it.

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