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Chocolate Valentine Lips, Hearts and More

Don’t even bother to go to that massive discount department store to look for specials on Valentine’s Day candy and edible gifts. I can tell you in advance that they’re outrageously priced! If you’re thinking of giving delicious, chocolatey goodies out to the ones you love this year, save yourself a fortune and make them yourself. It will be a little messy – but not too bad – and you’ll be able to make several […]

How To Use Fabric Types To Limit Cost Of The Cellular Shades

If there were a single element that goes into the construction of the cellular window shades, then it has to be the fabric used as the blinds. Rod Pocket Roman Shades have two layers of cloth which get to hold the cellular combed structure sandwiched between them. Moreover, the cellular insulation material too would be mostly made of fabric also. So if there is going to be an active effort to keep the cost of […]

Choceur Deliciously Rich Dark Chocolate & Nuts

Usually, when my mother wakes me up, it isn’t to hand me a large bar of dark chocolate (my favorite by the way). But that is exactly what she did this morning when she woke me up and handed me a bar of Choceur Deliciously Rich Dark Chocolate Nuts. At the moment, I didn’t think much of it; she did say my father didn’t like it, and if my dad doesn’t like it, it must […]

Bark Up a Storm with Chocolate Bark

Chocolate is a candy that is a comfort to so many. Sometimes plain chocolate is just that plain. We still love its creamy taste. Now there is no way to improve upon this perfect confection. Chocolate is chocolate, and in itself is perfect. So without changing the base of our confection let’s add to it. Nuts are healthy, flavorful and crunchy. Seeds and fruit have both a sweet and slightly bitter taste. Combining them all […]

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Fruit Pie: A New Twist on a Healthy Dessert

Last week, I was at a loss of what I was going to serve at a church pot-luck dinner. I didn’t have a whole lot of money, but I needed to bring something, or just not go. There was no way I was going to go to dinner empty-handed. I looked in my fridge, and I saw some Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Cool Whip. I also had some strawberries, cherries, apples, blueberries and a ready-to-use […]

Better Than Strudels Pastries

One of the my favorite foods as a child was definitely toaster strudels over pop tarts. I figured it was about time I learn how to make my own toaster strudels, except there is one main difference; mine is made in the oven. I personally feel like that makes them healthier, even with the icing on top. Yum!   Now that I’ve shared with the world my favorite childhood pastry, I feel like things are […]

Cranberry Brie Pastry Swirls

It’s time to show off the ultimate brie puff pastry dessert! As you can probably tell from the name I picked out for my website, I am a lover of all things pastries. This recipe in particular is no exception. (Well, maybe it is… It’s among the best!) Read on to see exactly what I’m talking about! The funnest thing about this recipe is that it never goes out of season. Yes, the very look […]