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Hot Buffalo Wings

My gut is telling me that I should enjoy these hot buffalo wings at least once a week. You know what my gut thinks of you? That you should too! Here we will list the ingredients and instructions on how to make this recipe. You will have leftovers, but can use on of these best vacuum sealers to keep everything preserved.


Review of Brooklyn Chocolate Stout Beer

Winter is a time when many beer lovers tend to focus their attention on two styles of beers. These are stouts and porters. Brooklyn Brewing Company produces a reasonably priced stout for the winter months for stout lovers. I have been purchasing this beer for over five years now, as it is one of standards for the winter months when I’m looking for a reliable stout. I will admit though that this beer is actually […]


Award Winning Chili Recipe!

Award Winning Chili! Who doesn’t like that perfect blend of beans, savory meat, and spices known as CHILI! Well I’m going to share with you my award winning chili recipe that has won the first place award in a chili cook-off and has won over my friends and family! This recipe is so easy it will make your head spin! It only takes about 15 minutes to cook and with a side of cornbread it’s […]


Bark Up a Storm with Chocolate Bark

Chocolate is a candy that is a comfort to so many. Sometimes plain chocolate is just that plain. We still love its creamy taste. Now there is no way to improve upon this perfect confection. Chocolate is chocolate, and in itself is perfect. So without changing the base of our confection let’s add to it. Nuts are healthy, flavorful and crunchy. Seeds and fruit have both a sweet and slightly bitter taste. Combining them all […]


Philadelphia Cream Cheese Fruit Pie: A New Twist on a Healthy Dessert

Last week, I was at a loss of what I was going to serve at a church pot-luck dinner. I didn’t have a whole lot of money, but I needed to bring something, or just not go. There was no way I was going to go to dinner empty-handed. I looked in my fridge, and I saw some Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Cool Whip. I also had some strawberries, cherries, apples, blueberries and a ready-to-use […]


Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce

Sriracha is The Most Popular Asian Hot Sauce in a Squirt Bottle. Seemingly the most popular Asian hot sauce is Thai – Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce – made by Huy Fong Foods of Rosemead, California. This hot sauce has a logo of a red rooster on the bottle along with translations of the ingredients and suggested uses into five languages: English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, and French. The Huy Fong version of Sriracha is called Tuong Ot […]


Better Than Strudels Pastries

One of the my favorite foods as a child was definitely toaster strudels over pop tarts. I figured it was about time I learn how to make my own toaster strudels, except there is one main difference; mine is made in the oven. I personally feel like that makes them healthier, even with the icing on top. Yum!   Now that I’ve shared with the world my favorite childhood pastry, I feel like things are […]


Crab and Artichoke Dip

The first time I’ve heard of the combination of crab meat and artichokes, I was hooked. It was completely by accident, too. I was at the grocery store, and I had bought many of the same items twice. I could’ve sworn someone was playing some sort of silly game. Nonetheless, I am super stoked to list out the steps to making this awesome dip. Pair it with your favorite baked chips, and everyone is good […]


Mozzarella Tomato Sticks

As simple as it may appear, these wonderfully stacked mozzarella balls and tomatoes are what you’re secretly wishing for. Know one’s ever said simple had to be bland and unappetizing. I have news for you: This. Is Appetizing. Hence, it is an appetizer recipe. I know you want to make all of these just for you to devour all on your own (I can see it in your eyes!), but this recipe is meant to […]